Trainwreck Movie Review

This movie was funnier than I expected to be.

I came into this movie not expecting too much from it, just like when I watched Spy, and in the same fashion I was surprised by how funny it was. I honestly thought this was going to be another sappy and corny love movie, but at the beckoning of some of my friends to watch it, I did and realized that it was far from the truth. Amy Schumer and Bill Hader make a perfect dysfunctional duo and the fact that LeBron James and John Cena were actually pretty hilarious in this movie was an addition. Well I would say that I would want LeBron to not be so stiff when he acted at times, I think he'll do better when given more time. But other than that the supporting cast was on point for this one.

There wasn't too much special effects going on besides the portions of the movie dealing with the surgery, but it was awesome to see portions of the movie containing stuff with sports and the Knicks in particular, that was pretty awesome to see. The plot was pretty much to the point and didn't overly complicate anything at all, which is always great. There was a brief moment where I thought this movie was running a smidget too long, but it picked back up almost immediately when I thought that. The one part that could've been left out of the movie was the whole awkward almost statutory rape scene, not cool at all.

Other wise this movie is pretty cool if you don't mind watching and have a sense of humor. The jokes aren't excessively over the top and it's done in relative good taste. So I would definitely recommend this movie if you have time to waste and what not. I could see some people complaining, but for the most part everyone who went to see this movie liked it.

Did you see this movie? If so how do you feel about it? Leave it in the comments below.

Until next time guys!

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