Online Dating? Nah ..

Friend: So how many matches did you get on Tinder?
Me: Not a single swipe right bro.
Friend: *Laughs*, That's impossible, everyone get's at least one.
Me: Well I guess you just met the world's first no one then.

That's the typical conversation that I have when it comes to online dating, I just suck at it. There's no set way or algorithm, it's just what it is, a hit or a miss, and for me it's a complete miss. To be quite honest, online dating apps make me feel awkward and I don't really know what to say. I know dudes who absolutely suck in real life when it comes to talking to women in public and they just thrive with these apps, I guess it's due to having enough time to think about what to say in response to questions. There's nothing wrong with that at all, that's actually way better for them in terms of meeting people and what not, I'm glad they are flourishing on there. I typically want all my homies to flourish when it comes to the women folk, so if it takes an online dating tool for them to succeed, then so be it.

There are a couple of reasons why I pretty much suck at online dating, one being that I feel weird getting up there and judging people based solely off looks and 140 character bio's, as @SshleyLaTruly of pointed out on twitter. And shout out to Ash because she promoted this whole blog post due to her awkward encounter with the app SoulSwipe, or whatever it is lol. But anyways, it's that and the fact that I would rather meet someone in person and build something off of that. But to be quite honest those days are long gone and no one is actually really interested in taking the time to meet someone new and having a casual conversation. Not with street harassment, ulterior agendas and overall just creepiness being major players these days anyways.

Gone are the days of actually having to shoot your shot in person because you never know when you when you were going to see that person again in life. Long gone are the days where if someone approaches you in public the right way, you at least hear them out because you never know what value that person could bring to your life. And gone are the days where you had actually go out into the world to meet awesome people. That's a good and a bad thing, good in that you can meet people from all over the world and befriend them, but bad in a sense that it destroys certain levels of personal communication that people need to survive daily with in the work place. I'm an 80's baby anyways, I'm usually the first to make new social networks popping before the masses join them and ruin them, so I guess online dating was just something I was bound never to get anyways.

And I'm quite ok with that.

Have any experience in online dating, good or bad? Leave it in the comment section below.

Until next time guys.

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