Do Something About It By Liz Lafontant

I can't take a lot of ya'll seriously.

You go hard for Sandra Bland today but once social media stops talking about it so do you. The oppressors really don't take you temporary protesters seriously because they know you'll be mad just as long as it's a trending topic. Why do you think this shit keeps happening? Because social media is only a medium for conversation, not action. You being angry on Twitter or on Instagram doesn't mean a single thing because all you're doing is pressing some keys on a screen. If you want things to change then get your ass up and do something, in person.

And make it last longer than a week.

If one method doesn't work try then try something else, there is always another way. I'm just tired of them killing my people and laughing at the horrid videos with thousands of retweets. Because that's all it is, a video with thousands of retweets; and yes we all know, it's sick and disgusting. But why is it that it keeps happening and no one is being punished? Because we don't care enough.

Don't fire at me for the truth. Anything else we put first and this needs to be pushed, like really pushed. We have way too many brilliant people who can make it happen. We just have to make it as important as eating and sleeping. I would literally be destroyed if I put my whole heart into this and people weren't as invested as I was, it would ruin me. Lord my people are dying over and over and they're laughing at us. 

They only love us for our talents, for the art they can't recreate, they cannot imitate our art because it comes from a place they've never visited and probably never will. Things I learned about this life: people are fickle. Also that more often than not, they only care if it has to do with them.

But fuck it, ya'll don't hear me tho.

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