The Good Luck Chuck Theory

This is going to be pretty funny when I read this in retrospect one day lol.

Ok so if you're unfamiliar with the whole "Good Luck Chuck" theory, let me explain: it's from a movie entitled, well Good Luck Chuck and it centers around, well Chuck and he's a successful dentist who just so happens to be cursed by a girl when he was 12 years old for refusing to kiss her during seven minutes in heaven. Now this curse is basically one where any time he dates a woman, she breaks up with him and ends up marrying the next guy that asks her out. Of course he finds that one woman he's completely head over heels for, which happens to be a clumsy version of Jessica Alba. Long story short Chuck realizes that he has that ability and begins having sex with women that want to get married, so he traded guilt free sex for that. You know eventually he wants to not be able to do that and after a whole bunch of hoopla he finds the girl that curses him and she releases it and he lives happily ever after. If you haven't watched the movie then I suggest you go and do it, but that's the gist of it, and now we're here.

Like almost everything on this blog, someone else brought this idea up to me while watching this movie. Just like Chuck's friend Stu who saw the pattern of women getting married after Chuck had sex with them, my homeboy said how funny if that happened to one of us and I started thinking, wait it might be me. So like anything that I do here for the blog, I researched all day and all night to get these answers. Well not really because luckily for me I only have a handful of exes and most aren't talking to me anymore anyways lol. So to take a gander I broke my exes down by years and here is the results of my findings:

2005 Ex - Married
2006 Ex - Single
2007 Ex - Married
2009 Ex - Married
2010 Ex - Married
2012 Ex - Single
2013 Ex - Serious Relationship

So based on my findings, it's not the case with me lol. Actually having these conversations were somewhat awkward at the time for a multitude of reasons, I'm not going to put their business out there, but let's just say I'm great where I'm at right now. When I first thought about doing this I felt like it was very juvenile of me, then I started getting worried and I was like why not, I have nothing else better to do. But at the end of the day, it's all made up in one's head when they hear some nonsense like this, and we all have that brief moment of wondering. I just decided to do a social experiment at the expense of my time so you guys can be amused, you're welcome lol.

Posts like these really make me realize I need to work on my imagination a tad when I'm bored or going through something and this is all I have to fall back on at the time lol.

Until next time guys!

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