Dear Female Black Bloggers

You are creating something special.

In a time where the news is setup to portray our race as no more than a bunch of savages, made for slaughtering like animals, you're shining a brighter light that they simply cannot extinguish. The main goal is to try to kill us at any cost in all avenues, whether it be sports, fashion, education, entertainment or just taking our life period. But time and time again, you've been there to step up to the face of adversity. If you notice in all of the pictures of protests and instances where we've done something really positive, it's the black woman that's at the forefront of these fights. It's the black woman that's on the grounds doing the marches, it's the black woman voicing her opinions against laws used to try and govern YOUR body, and it's the black woman that fully supports and tries to motivate the black male to do better and to let them know they are loved. Time and time again black women have proven their worth, and time and time again they are vilified from not only the external forces from our own patriarchal government and society, but also from the internal conflicts from those that don't quite understand that the littlest indiscretions hurt us the most.

But yet here you stand, and here you are hungry for more.

In a time where they try to repress us on all fronts and discredit us for movements that we've created, you are there to remind them that we are simply not with the shits anymore. Slowly but surely you are tearing down the fashion industry that frequently steals and discredits your very body on a routinely basis while trying to act like it's completely innocent from it's transgressions. You are there to let the film industry know that you are tired of seeing the stereotypical roles and movies being made and that you want more than what they are offering. You are at the forefront of stopping laws that prevent you from getting the treatments you need for your body because only you know what you want for your life and how it should go. Whenever there is a brother, a sister, a uncle, a aunt, a father, a mother or a child killed by psychopath in this country, you are the first to echo your heartbreak and call for justice.

You are the start of this revolution.

Twenty years from now when we talk about how change came about in this country, and the great men that have finally stepped up to lead the way like they should, I will echo to my children that it was the women who gave us a swift kick in the ass. It is the women who stayed on top of it and encouraged us to take pride in our race, in our neighborhoods, in our history. I won't shy away or act like I was there doing something when I wasn't and I won't act like I don't know plenty of great women who have stepped up to the plate to create an atmosphere of trust, team work and a sense of camaraderie. When there are faces like ours plastered on news stations, magazines, articles, movies, whatever it may be, I'm going to say it all started with a group of women on the internet that decided to speak out and do something about it.

Every single black woman that I've come across in the blogging world is nothing short of jaw dropping inspiration. There are those that just do it to get things off their chest and there are those that just do it to make money, like anything in life. But there are those that have a passion for it and it shows who is doing better than the others. Don't get me wrong, I want to see everyone succeed who decides to step in the ring, but there are simply those who refuse to stay down when they get knocked to their butts. Blogging isn't as easy as people think it is from the outside looking in, it requires dedication and sacrifices, just like anything in life that you want to succeed in.

That's why when I look to the female black bloggers that continue to evolve and lead the way, I'm just happy that they have the passion and the inspiration to do what exactly it is they set out to be. Before I started taking blogging serious I never paid attention to half of the things that I see now being talked about, and it's because of those female black bloggers that take the time to do it with their own flare and style. In the past year I've noticed more things about women's fashion, women's hair, their body, mental health being intact and most importantly how they create a space where you feel you are welcomed. It's with great confidence and humility that I can admit that if it wasn't for my circle of female black bloggers, I would have given up last year on blogging.

With every single female black blogger that I meet with the passion, belief and creative process for the message that they want to put out into the world, it makes me that much better of a man. You guys keep it going when there seems like it's nothing left to fight for, you give many people a reason to keep believing. So whenever you feel like your work isn't important, if you ever feel like your message isn't being heard or supported just remember that it is. Just remember that even though you can't see every single reader, viewer or listener, just know that there is always that one person out there that needs to hear your voice. And as long as you're touching at the very least that one person, then your motivation will always be there for you to keep pushing.

Your enthusiasm, unrelenting motivation, amazing style, grace and carefree attitudes are unparalleled in this approach.

These are the words from one male black blogger who is in his own lane of blogging that is always supported, encouraged and motivated by you awesome individuals. I just wanted to let you know you guys are loved and appreciated here and you will always have a fan in me. You will always have a place to come to when you need  swift kick in the ass to let you know that you are doing great things and that you're right path. You will always have a home filled with love and support here on my brain child, Cold Knowledge.

Because after all, I wouldn't be me if there wasn't a you.

- Devon

*Note: All pictures used in this post belong to the phenomenal blogger Ms. Dee of Dee Grows Up, make sure you check her out and support!*

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