A Decade of Accomplishments

So I was pursuing the blog scene and I stumbled across A Decade of Accomplishments by ClassySassyMrs.com, and she had a pretty nifty idea on a cool list on things to celebrate in terms of personal accomplishments over the span of a decade. It's another great list idea to have on the blog, so I'm going to do my decade from when I was a fresh 19 year old to my now seasoned age of 29. So let me stop beating around the bush and get straight into it shall we?

Enrolled in college. | I honestly didn’t want to go to college; I didn’t want to go to class or anything like that. Honestly if I would have done what I was originally going to do I probably would have went straight into the military and never touched a keyboard to blog. But instead I was peer pressured into going and I learned so much about myself as a result of it. I mean I still hate school period but I refined my skills in the area of writing and being able to get in front of a camera and talk on the radio. So those skills, along with all of the life lessons I picked up, have contributed to the success of Devon Young; for that I’m grateful.

Started Cold Knowledge in 2009. | One of the best things I’ve ever did in my life was start my blog in 2009. Granted it wasn’t called Cold Knowledge, it wasn’t my first incarnation and I actually created a blogger account in 2007. I’m thankful for the first post that I decided to put up in 2009 and continue from there on out. I took a year off from it but after that, (and many people pushing me to go back), I’m finally here and making some noise. One of the best decisions ever and it will continue to come back to me tenfold.

Bought my first used car. | Back in 2012 I came home and I bought my first used car. It was my two door Yukon, I loved that truck. Nothing will compare to my first baby and nothing will ever come close to it. But I was really proud of that truck and I will always be proud of it, I’m still salty about how I lost it though, but I digress. My first purchase on my own will always be my baby.

Lived by myself. | I have three brothers and I didn’t know what it meant to actually live by myself until I was well into my time in the military when it was by pure chance, and it was the most awesome thing ever. I got to walk around and do what I want and run it how I wanted to. The result of that was a clean and organized place that anyone knew I lived there because of the wonderful smells that came from my room. Living alone showed me that I’m ready for being with someone and knowing that I can handle the daily task of being clean and doing all the man stuff around the house. 

Graduated Basic Training. | I came, I saw, I conquered. That’s about the best I can sum my basic training experience up. It was a tough one, both mentally and physically, but it made me that much better. I look back on it now and we did things that I couldn’t imagine doing at this point of my life. At the end it literally took the swine flu to take me out of the game, but I did every single thing they asked of me and at the end my drill instructor shared with me something that I will never forget. It’s moments like those that validate the sense of pride that I have in myself and the things that I have accomplished because the people that I look up to reaffirms it and adds more to it. Basic training tore me down, but it built me back up to something better than I would’ve ever imagined. 

Made it back from Iraq. | A lot of things could have gone wrong, I could be dead right now. That’s the reality of deploying across the water to a place where they hate you and will do anything to get you out of their country. I went through some things over there as well that was more of the lines of coming from our side of things but I’m still blessed to have made it back home and I’m glad to have been able to experience life outside of our country. Going over there and coming back made me realize that life is much more precious than I thought and that I need to go for my goals now, rather than waiting until later. 

Left the military on good terms. | This was an accomplishment on its own because at the time it was so much going on with just getting out and chasing your dreams. From the contract point of it, I’m glad to have done my time and go about my life normally without any negative marks against me. From the people point of view, there isn’t a person that can’t look at me and say I didn’t bust my ass at everything I did. Now whether I did that with an attitude and rubbed majority of people the wrong way, that’s dependent on the point of view. Regardless of what went on while I was in, I did what I had to do and I left when it was my time to leave. I’m happy with what I accomplished in the short amount of time I was there. 

Survived my first heartbreak. | It almost destroyed me though, almost. And at the same time it made me that much better. I came out a man that finally understood not only my self-worth but also my flaws and failures at being a boyfriend. I finally understood and I’m about to put it all together. But going through 2014 and deciding to make a change in 2015 has made me the best possible version of me late in the game. Heartbreak destroys most and they never recover, it simply just made me better.

My first major purchase. | I bought my first car, I mean it’s another used but it’s not a little rinky dink hunk of junk, it’s an actual nice car. I wasn’t going to buy it at first but I decided to do it because it was that time that I invested in not only myself, but also step up and buy something that I really need and want. I love my car and I love the fact that I just made the decision to step out and make that purchase. 

Well that’s 10 things that I learned in the last decade since I left home. Those are just a few things that I learned and not even a the whole deal, I could easily come up with a solid 100 facts, but I don’t want to bore you guys.

What have you done in the last ten years of your life? Was it good or bad? Did you have fun or was it boring? Leave it in the comments below; I’m interested in hearing about it.

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