Didn't Care Then, Don't Care Now

Funny story, I know how much you guys like my funny stories.

So I'm sitting here mind my business, per the usual, and I get a text message from someone that I haven't spoken to in a long time. Now I have to say that I'm quite possibly the worst texter ever, depending on who you ask. The reason for that being this kind of story that I'm about to tell you, so if you want to know one of the reasons why I don't respond to my text messages, here's a great one.

So usually whenever I'm done dealing with a young lady, for whatever reason that may be, I usually stop caring. It's none of that "if I can't have you then no one else can have you type deals" or the "I'm over you but not really" types either. When it's done it's completely done, and I'm not looking back for any kind of reason. I usually have my closure before I even decide to leave, because if I decide then I the closure comes with my decision to go.

Now this young lady, who for reasons shall remain unnamed, was kicked to the curb because she was trying to do too much. And when I say too much I mean she was trying to rush too fast into something that I had no interest in being in at the time. So I ended things rather swiftly when I realized that she wasn't going to pump her brakes anytime soon. Of course she went all crazy calling me this, that and everything non christian in the book. But I'm not the type to linger in something that isn't going to workout; not a fan of wasting my time in any instance.

So fast forward about a year and some change and she's with a guy and she's always posting how she's happy and finally with the guy that she deserves. That's so awesome and cool, but yet again, I honestly don't care because that has nothing to do with me and what I have going on because I already know that we are not compatible at all. So me being the rational human that I am, never said any words to the young lady because I already knew where the conversation was going to go if I did, and I never feel like having those conversations. But anyways, she posts all of this great stuff saying how happy she is and I'm just like, "that's cool".

So when I posted on twitter, "new phone, who dis?", as a clear joke. I then get the "hey stranger text message". Now usually when I get those I ask who it is, (and I already know who it is 99% of the time), I subsequently say ok and then block them into oblivion. That's just the petty in me, I'm working on being an adult guys. But anyways, she says its her and I humor this conversation because I want to know where it's going. I honestly think I was bored that day, that's my reason for entertaining this foolishness. But anyway, after about good two text messages in I asked what it is that she wanted and she asked me the question that I loathe from women with boyfriends:

Do you miss me?

Like, huh? Don't you have a boyfriend that you just said you were happy with and that you finally got the one you deserved? I knew it was coming but I still couldn't understand her bravery for asking me. Well I take that back, it wasn't bravery, it was straight foolishness on her part. But I simply ended that conversation with a goodbye and the routine of blocking the number. I waited a couple of hours before I blocked her on social media because I wanted to see what the tweets were going to say and sure enough she didn't disappoint. She said that, and I quote: "I can't believe how rude people these days are when you're trying to figure out something that needs answers".

Now I know that most of you are saying that I should have given her closure when she was seeking it.


I don't owe anyone anything that I went above and beyond for. Regardless if they feel my effort wasn't up to their standards. You have a life and a new man in it, so there's not a thing that you need from me and there's really nothing that I need from you. I'm not here to ruin anyone's home or take anyone back from my past. So the point of this whole story is that my time was wasted responding to those texts so I'm wasting you guys time by typing this lol. No but seriously, that's what happens in my life in regards to women that have zero self respect and / or common sense about themselves.

This is just another day in the life of Devon Young, I pray that you never run into these problems. 

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