The Robin Williams' Post

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.
- Robin Williams

Sometimes this world produces people that transcends the norm. They move in such a way that all, no matter what color, religion or gender you are, stop in awe and just reflect on how great of human being they are. When I think of Robin Williams I think of a man that touched so many people in so many different ways in his movie that I feel cheated that he was taken so soon from us. Whether it was a genie showing a humble young man from the streets the importance of being true to himself, a doctor making terminally ill children smile and feel happy that they are alive each day, how he bought one of my favorite childhood cartoons to the big screen and made me care about eating spinach or how he was a devoted father that did anything possible to get near his kids. He taught me how having an imagination, the creative drive and the ability to not care what other people think when it comes to being who you are.

Robin showed us all how to live life the happiest way you can possibly be.

But that's the selfish fan in me.

I never thought for a second about who was taking care of Robin. I never thought about what it took to bring about the creativity and what it takes to channel that level of acting. Not once was I concerned about how always being what other people wanted him to be made him feel. We often overlook those people who portray happiness instead of checking on them and seeing if they are alright, just as they do with everyone else all of the time. I'm not blaming anyone about how he lived his life, because at the same time only he could decide that he needed to get help for what was going on. But it just seems like each and everyone of us that wanted so much from a man that knew how to make us all feel better, that ultimately we played a huge part in his downfall. And that's the thing that makes me the saddest of them all; just wishing that I knew what was going on so that I could help. I don't know how I could've helped, I just wish I had the opportunity to do so, just as he helped so many of us escape from the pains of the real world.

But even so in his last couple of months he managed to release a movie about a man who has spent most of his life berating people and making them feel belittled only to turn around and find out that he has 90 minutes to live. He then runs around the city trying to make amends for all of the things that he has done wrong in his life. It's pretty ironic that given the nature of the film and the recent news released by his ex wife on his real medical condition that he would make this movie. Did he know what his real life prognosis was? Did he plan for this to be one of his final movies that had an underlying meaning? Did he want that to be his final message to the people that loved him throughout his years in film?

Who knows.

The one thing that I do know is that this world lost one of its most genuine human beings and it has left a hole that won't be filled for a long time; if ever. Robin Williams was an extraordinary human being who had an extraordinary gift. That gift I can't help but to think was God Sent and was used to the best of it's abilities. Anyone who has something negative to say about Robin is only lying to themselves or never took time to see any of his movies and feel the passion that he put in each of his roles. He gave me three gifts: when I was a child, he gave me an example of what it means to never give up on your dreams. When I was a budding teenager on the verge of adulthood, he made see that it was ok to be a little harsh on myself to gain better clarity on who I am as a person. And as an adult he made me realize that it's ok to reach out to someone when I'm not feeling ok bout life.

Because that just means I'm human too.

So my parting thought about Robin Williams is that he was wonderful and hilarious human being that was always there when I needed the laugh. Regardless of all of the factors that played into his death, I pray to God each and every single day that he finds mercy on Robin and that he understands the burdens at which he had to endure for so long. When he's reading all the he's done in his life, good and bad, I want him to quantify the good based on the number of people he's touched and influenced to follow their dreams and to do better with their lives.

I just want God to know that this one time, just this once, I vouch for a guy that's suppose to be in there right next to him. Because while he was here on earth, he made us believe that heaven and happiness were for real and that we could have it too.

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