To Be Loved By Antonia | Single Review

She's back!

If you follow my blog then you know who Antonia is and how amazing she is as an artist and a even better human being. I interviewed her back in June (interview here) right before she dropped her debut single Break Everything (review here) and I'm glad she's back with another awesome single entitled To Be Loved. Here it is for your listening pleasure before we go on:

After listening to that I finally realized why I love her so much as an artist. Back in the 90's when I was a kid running around on the streets I loved being outside and hearing the radios lined up on the streets blasting music. I always heard the 90's R&B and Hip-Hop pierced through the cool summer air that reminded me why I loved being a kid. That's a feeling that you never really lose, and only a few songs can remind me of that time. Mariah Carey's Always Be My Baby, Michael Jackson's Remember The Time, Will Smith's Summertime, Notorious B.I.G.'s One More Chance / Stay With Me Remix and Tupac's California Love are just some of the songs that take me back to that period.

I always thought those feelings would be regulated to turning on those songs and getting lost in a daydream until I had my head back listening to this song. Antonia is a testament to a rare form of art that stirs emotions and makes you feel something when listening to her. Her voice is commanding and her production is original and she just does everything right. Laced with Ryan Anderson's, (@RJAnderson08), sound all over this one just like with Break Everything, they clearly found the right connection. Uplifting and heartfelt this song just makes it easier for you to love what she's doing right now with her opportunity. She's giving you something completely different and at the same time it's a familiar sound that will take you back to all of those places that you thought were gone.

As I sit here listening to the song and writing this review I can't help but think how the EP will sound because I am anxiously anticipating it now. And if it sounds like anything like the these first two singles then I know for a fact that I am going to love this EP through and through. I've long said that R&B needs to return to it's roots and get back to doing what it's known for and that's flat out singing. It seems as though God was listening to my prayers and felt my headaches from bleeding ears due to the lack of great singers. Antonia is two singles in and she's already proving she belongs. Don't wait too long to check her out, because in the end you'll realize that you've been doing yourself an injustice by not supporting her.

You can find this track and more on her SoundCloud at ToniaMusic. You can also check out here twitter here at @ToniaMusic, her Instagram here at @ToniaMusic and her Facebook Fan Page here at Tonia Music. As always, let me know what you think in the comments below, I know she would love to hear your feedback.

Until next time guys!


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