The Spear of Vengeance

So I finally put two and two together.

If you follow me on social media or had the privilege of talking to me in real life then you know I tell this story often. But if you haven't done either then basically the goes along the lines of me minding my business and then I'm dragged into another person's business lol. No but seriously that's how it goes most of the time when it does happen. I'm literally standing there, unsuspecting, and then bam! I'm trying to figure out how I got there and how to get out without getting into any serious trouble that could result in bodily harm. But now that I think about it, I'd rather be in that position than to not be in that position. Here's how the story usually goes:

So I'm sitting there at the bar in a popular nightclub spot downtown, and I'm usually in the corner minding my own business. Throughout the night I talk to the people that I came with and some people that I know if I feel like talking to them. Even a further leg out there, I sometimes talk to people I don't know if we have a weird situation arise and we both make that connection of how stupid that situation is. Well in the midst of all of that's going on you never know who is watching you and why.

But on more than one occasion a nice young lady has come up to me and grabbed my arm and whispered in my ear while smiling: "please play along, these guys won't leave me alone after I've told them a bunch of times that my boyfriend is in here". She doesn't really have a boyfriend or he's never really there. So usually I through my arm around her neck and kiss her on the forehead and order her a drink. Very few instances have I ever had a guy actually come up to me and ask me if that's my girl, and which I usually give a strong look and reply with a simple yes.

While my stature is that of a very large man that has the looks of being able to rip your head off and hand it to you in one fail swoop, (and I can if I'm so inclined), I usually don't feel the need to do it unless I'm put in that position. But usually after that point the nice young lady gravitates around my area with her friends, they have fun and do their thing and I walk them to their car afterwards and I get a big thanks and then I'm on my way home.

I never realized how big of a deal that was until after hearing countless stories of women not feeling safe when going out and just wanting to dance with their friends and drink. While I feel honored that a stranger can come up to me and ask me basically to protect her for the night simply because I look like a bouncer, I feel as though it's a sad situation. Women should be able to go out and feel safe regardless of what they have on or if they are with friends or not. I use to get into arguments with one of my exes about going out alone and in the middle of the night because it was simply not safe. She would always say to me that she's not going to go hungry because it's in the middle of the night and she's a woman alone.I don't agree with that and I never will for the simple fact that I know there are crazy dudes out there that simply do not care about their freedom or soul.

With the events of the student being thrown around the room in South Carolina by the resource cop with a history of abuse or the case of a young comedian being punched in the face by a guy simply because she didn't want him touching her and subsequently being turned away from help by the club security, I just feel it's about that time. It's always been that time, but now is the time to go all out without care of persecution. First they started with the open season on us by killing us in broad daylight, now that they see that they can't get away with that, they started attacking our most precious commodity, the black woman.

There's a whole lot of work the black needs to be doing in terms of protecting, educating and providing for our community. It's about high time that we stand up and do something about all of this nonsense that's going on in our very own backyards. Time and time again  you see videos of them slamming our kids on the ground simply because they were standing there or sitting in their desk. Time and time again you see them run out of nowhere on a group of unsuspecting kids and scare them into running because they don't know what's going on. Time and time again you see them punching a handcuffed man in the face while on the ground when he is clearly cooperating with them. Time and time again you see them provide the evidence that they don't care and say that we should obey their commands.

We are neither animal or criminal, we are neither foreign national or terrorist, we are neither slave or servant. I've said that time and time again they are going to put our backs against the wall for the last time. There will be an outcome that they will least suspect, and when that day of reckoning and judgement come down, I hope everything that they love and "worked hard for" burns to the ground. With the escalation of force against a people that only want to be treated fairly ramped up, that simply means that they are pushing towards their demise that much quicker. I don't need stats or videos to prove anything anymore, I can simply walk out on the street and see the injustices going on because they feel as though they can do whatever to us because they are protected with their privilege.

Well I have some bad news for you, it's about to long winter if you think you can keep on doing what you're doing and get away with it. Because the black man is getting tired of clinching jaws and keeping quite. He's getting tired of having to look away from the bruises, scars and emotional trauma bought home by his women, his children, his friends. The black man is tired of having no voice and no way of fighting legally for what is right. Now they are clinching fist and slowly standing up to protect what is theirs.

Beware of the black man's wrath, for it comes sooner than you think.

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