Getting Back To The Grind

Hmmm, this isn't like me.

For the last week or so I've been completely off my game for some reason. This is kind of an impromptu post because I've been asked a couple of times over the course of the past week if I was ok. I mean I'm good, I just feel off and as one of my Alyx of Black Is The New Black suggested, I just needed a break. So that's what I did, I took a break from writing, school work, everything single thing that I was working myself out of shape over.

I took me time and I don't feel a single regret about it.

This isn't the first time where I've taken a break here on the blog, I wrote a post about taking the day off last year that I had to re-read and remind myself that it's ok to take a step back away from everything and just get yourself together. I know I tell people this all of the time but you know it's pretty rare that you take your own advice til well after something happened to you.

But as I said before Alyx got to me first and she put that bug in my ear and I'm thankful that she did because I was trying to do too much at the time. But just because I've taken a break and went into a mini hiding doesn't mean that I haven't posted anything to the blog. I write my stuff in advance, (most of the time anyways), and there are a couple of posts that made their way to the blog while I was gone for that little while. Those blogs are as followed:

November: 30 Days of Thanks
November 4th: The Veterans Day Blog
November 5th: My Top 10 War Movies
November 6th: Didn't Care Then, Don't Care Now
November 9th: The Power In My Smile
November 10th: The Spear of Vengeance
November 11th: Summer's Breeze
November 12th: #DevDay, Vol. 2
November 13th: A Decade of Accomplishments
November 13th: Quirky, Brown Love Interview 

Those are the blogs that I've posted while I was gone but you might've missed because I didn't really promote anything this month really yet. I hope that you can catch up and get some of these under your belt. I know I have some really great ones coming up and I want to make sure that I'm mentally where I want to be before those come out and I get all of that great feedback that I love so much.

But yes I've been on a little break but now I'm back and I'm ready to get on the ball with it. I know that I'm slowly inching myself towards a full return and this is just the warm up basically. I hope you guys are doing well and preparing for the holiday season.

Until next time guys!

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