Not Easily Swayed

So a little while ago I talked about how you should take time and care for yourself in the post, Invest In Self. After writing that post and the subsequent conversations that came as a result of it, I realized that a lot of people are simply not taking care of their mental well being. What's more alarming about it is the fact that they have many external forces tearing apart their mental fabric, causing them to over think and stress over situations that they should not be stressing over. Don't get me wrong, I am for people and helping them any way that I can, as long as it's within reason. Over the years I've learned from many first hand experiences that people will only stay in the same position they are in if they are never forced to change their ways and/or thinking. This not only goes for the person that is struggling but also for the person that is continuously helping that person stay within mediocrity. Both are situations that may take a while to realize, but are situations that need to be seen as soon as possible.

But there is also another situation that may way down on a persons mental stability. That situation being that of guilt and pressure. When people are only out for themselves or lack the understanding that not everyone lives the same life they live, there's often times a huge disconnect. By large, most people think like this and it's not to their fault most of the time. We live in a world that's basically driven by self sustaining ways of life; meaning that everyone is out to make sure they are alright, no matter how nice or mean they may seem. That kind of thinking often times can come off as insensitive to someone who is trying to get their self straight. Most of time people will want you to do what they want you to do for them and stay inside of a nice little box that they have you placed inside of; if you don't do that then you're pretty much on your way out of the door in terms of being in their life.

That's just like if you went to college and the university is constantly sending you alumni emails asking you to donate to the school as soon as you graduate. It's kind of like why would you ask someone for money knowing that most graduates leave school with no job or go to the next level of school with even more debt. Of course the school being the self sustaining vehicle that they are, probably won't see anything wrong with their money grab. I'm not saying that every single student that has passed through with their degree intact is broke upon leaving, but it is vulture like to pray on people as soon as they get out of the gate. That's exactly the kind of thinking that has a lot of people in their stressed or struggling mentality. Most folks feel like they owe someone something in life and they stress over any and every little thing that could make them stressed out, when in reality they don't owe anyone anything.

More times than not people let other people get to them because they don't realize that they don't owe anything to anyone on this planet. Once people realize that, it will take out the added effects of feeling like they are suppose to work to make other people happy or their dreams come true. People need to stop letting other people either guilt trip or have them hold something over their head. There are a lot of things in this life that could go on, but at the end of the day if you're willing to put in the work to get ahead of all of those people and make them realize that you don't need them or what they have to offer, you will be a much better person. 

Don't let a person guilt trip you into feeling like you owe them something because at the end of the day you only owe your self to do the best that you can in this life. Because at the end of the day why not?  You only have one to live.

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