It Would Be Nice If ..

It just seems like the whole world is going to hell in a handbag.

The only thing you hear in the news these days are the sad sounds of death, violence, poverty, the sick being mistreated and the environment steadily getting worse. Someone pointed out to me that this is typically the first steps before radical change comes. We both agreed that while change is on the horizon, what kind of change is coming? Is one where people finally start caring about other people and realize that we are all in this together? Or is it the type of change where the whole world would be covered with an iron fist until it's actual destruction? That's the scary thing about change, you simply just don't know what type of change is coming.

But that's also the exciting thing if you manage to keep things in perspective.

I am ready for change; not only in this country but around the world as well. But I know that looking for change around the world isn't going to come unless you start the change at home, and that's what I want the most. So me being the thinker that I am, I have a couple of things that I think would serve this country best if everyone got on one accord and we actually started to care about what's going on here. The simple truth that everyone has known for the longest, (only the ignorant are still in denial about), is that the United States is slowly losing it's place in the world, and it's slowly by it's own doing. Our healthcare system is a joke, our education system is pretty much non existent and if the top 1% gets any richer this country is going to be full of indentured slaves clamoring at the bit to survive.

But there is a chance for change, there always is.

One of the things that I look for in a country that is dominate is one that takes care of their people and stays out of conflict. Now I know that most people hate how the United States imposes it's will, (once again you have to be ignorant to be in denial about this), but that could change should we decide to actually be a nation about, you know, it's people. All of the problems that the United States tries to police around the world, we have right here in our own country. From the terrorist threats and actions all the way to the bottom grossing citizens living in extreme poverty, but yet we still decide to spend billions helping other people.

Sorry people of the world that need our help, we need our government to take care of us and in order to do that we have to get the people that aren't helping us out of office. once we do that, here are some ways I think that we can make the United States that much better of a place to live again.

5. Rebuild Our Cities

Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, St Louis and the list can go on and on. Our major cities were the envy of the world when the country was thriving. All you heard from those who visited from other countries how they wanted to catch a court side game in LA, go lay on the beach in Miami and how they wanted to see the bright lights of New York. With the steady unemployment and crime rates rising, there's not much need or desire to frequent these places anymore. We need to take pride in the beacons of lights that we've had in this country for so long and make them that once more. There are housing problems all over the US where people lose their homes to the city and the city just leaves it there to be nothing. The same could be said for business buildings, schools and restaurants in each of those cities.

Let's either put those buildings to use or knock them down and make something better of the lots. Creating the rebuilding effort would undoubtly bring jobs and entrepreneurs back to the forefront. You can't create change if you don't spend money and instead of spending money abroad, bring some of that cash back home so we can make living here an enjoyable thing again.

4. Strengthen Our Military

One of the things that I do agree with the Republicans is that we need a strong standing military. Not only do we need a strong standing military, we need a functional military and with the best gear possible. We need to stop going to the lowest bidder and get some of the most recent weapons and training. Not only does that mean tactical training, but financial training and routine mental health evaluations. The United States simply doesn't take care of the men and women that put their life on the line everyday and that's usually because they don't understand or know what's going on abroad. I feel if we manage to take care of veterans before they even reach that status, there would be a lot less of the unemployed and homeless. We need to get everyone on the same page and get the best available for the men and women that preserve this nations ideals and rights.

3. Make Education A Focal Point

This is something that needs to come to the forefront, and not only does it need to be a focal point, it needs to be reformed. It's no secret that colleges and universities are run by the big business format. You take a bunch of meaningless courses in undergrad that don't matter to your eventual degree and that has to stop. Not only does that happen in colleges, that happens in the public education. I've long said that instead of making Geometry mandatory how about make a finance mandatory. Learn how to balance your accounts and proper investment strategies. I know the reason why they don't teach these things, that's because if everyone was more conscience of how their money works there would be a lot less of consumer spending and more thoughtful spending. That's not what this country was built on and that's not how the top 1% earn their money, but it's what is best for this country. 

It's time for a change and we need that change now.

2. Change Cultural Thinking

This is one of the biggest ones here.

We need to step out of the past and into the present. It's time for this country to acknowledge all of the wrong it's done and everyone should be held accountable. That's the scariest thing to them though, being held accountable. Instead of facing what happened and rectifying that mistake, they turn a blind eye to the truth and act as nothing happened. When that happens this country can finally heal and move towards the future, if it never does then there will continue to be poverty and rampant ignorance. Racism is a cancer and it will never be the answer to anything. Once the people are either educated about the truthfulness of the past I'm convinced they will change. And if they decide that they don't want to change or abide by the law, well we can make sure that they learn a lesson about their ignorance and racist ways. A change of thinking will lead us to a better place, and we need to start that now.

1. Take Care of The Environment

This is the greatest concern that we face now outside of global oppression and poverty.

The climate is shifting and all of the bad weather that you see is not a coincidence. Basically if we don't take of the planet now, then it will take care of us. All of those movies that you see where the world is ending due to extreme weather is more realistic than you think. I don't know about the rest of you guys but I don't want to die by a huge tsunami ripping though the country or a solar flare cooking the earths crust. We need to shift our energy sources and develop new ways to grow foods, because after long all of the resources will be used up. The time to take action is now and we should be more advanced than where we are at this moment in time. The earth is like a body, you have to take care of it and make sure it doesn't get too out of shape and if that happens then it dies off.

And that's what I have in my head at the moment when it comes stuff that this country can fix now and get the shipped turned around. But of course someone somewhere will think that this is asking too much because they are just dumb and don't want to change their ways. Usually I don't flat out call anyone dumb but this stuff is kind of clear cut and dry as to what needs  to be done to make us better as a nation. In order to be a super power and the leader of the free world we need to start taking better care of the citizens and start acting like we know what's right and wrong. Because if we don't, then all is lost and we would have failed each other.

What do you think about the things I've listed here in terms of making the US a better place to live? Leave it in the comments below, you know I love hearing from you guys.

Until next time.

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