My Journey To 400

So I've decided to head into the New Year the right way, again.

Yes I am one of those people that constantly makes these false promises to myself at the end of every year, (I'm not perfect and unless you live in a glass house ..). This year is definitely different from previous times when I said that I would do this and that's because it now involves some health issues. I'm not going to get into all of that at this time but getting healthier, (or just shedding some weight), is definitely a life changing move because I simply need to at this point. And while I would love to lose it for health reasons, I really want to lose it to for the simple fact that I want to get on this ride next year at the fair lol.

What are my goals you ask?

Well as the blog title suggests, I'm actually working on bench pressing 400lbs again. When I was in Iraq I actually came fairly close to that at 385lbs so I want to finally get there. I know that it's going to take a bit of work to get there and that's my goal for the first six months. After that I want to work on slimming down and getting back under 200lbs. Although I love being the size that I am, and women love it too haha, like I said before it's for health reasons that I must get back under that weight and what not. So sacrifices need to be made and I'm willing to do it now so that I can take my shirtless pics when I go on my many trips coming up next year.

That's my New Years Resolution of sorts, what's yours in terms of health and getting back on it? I know that now, more than ever, people have plenty of opportunities to get healthy, so don't wait on it, do something about it now. If you have those goals like I asked before or if you want to do something, then leave a comment below, I'm interested to hear and I could definitely help you if there was a way.

Until next time guys!

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