Jesus Is Love

He continuously reminds me that he's always there, always.

There are times when I think I'm fine, when I think I'm doing everything right and I think that I'm happy. I might be, I might be fine, but more times than not I'm reminded that I'm not ok. Sometimes, we as people, like to mask the pain that we are in and that we like to act like nothing is bothering us when everything actually is. Sometimes you don't even realize what you're truly feeling until you actually have that moment of clarity and it all hits you like a ton of bricks in the face. Most don't know what to do with that moment other than crawl up in a ball and become secluded from the world. I know that I do that often when everything is just coming down on me at once, I tend to just hide in my little bubble and don't talk to anyone.

Well I had that moment and it came in the form of a heavenly voice.

Normally I don't do covers of songs but this one is an exception because it's Yolanda Adams and she's covering a Lionel Richie song. I talked about this song before in the blog post Right On Time, His Time and while I was going through my blog I came across it again and I was reminded all over again why I wrote that post. I would be careless if I didn't tell you that I was stressed beyond belief at this point in life because I have so much going on and so much that I'm trying to do that I'm stressing myself out over any and every single thing.

But with that heavenly voice and my own words I'm reminded that things will happen in due time and that I need not stress myself over that which I'm already blessed with. I work pretty hard trying to do a lot of different things in order for one thing to work itself out. I must've listened to this a like ten times in a row and just listening to the message and I just got lost all over again and I found myself back at the same point I was at when I first saw this performance:

He can change your heart,
He can change your mind.
He can turn your life around,
I'm a witness.

I don't normally talk about my faith or religion because I have so many different readers, but on this great Sunday, just know that I feel loved and Jesus made sure that I knew that. I leave you with the same video that always brings me to tears when I watch it because I just feel how great Jesus is to me on a daily basis. Hope you guys are doing well, take care.

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