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We owe them everything.

Regardless of how you feel about them or what your stance on war may be, the truth of it is that you owe them your life because without them then you would probably be somewhere never thought of because someone would have killed your grandparents and left them in the ditch. A little too morbid for you? Well that's the unfiltered truth and I'm not apologizing for it. A lot of people have never been outside of the protective borders of this country and seen the raw truth that is the world. I've had the fortunate pleasure of being outside of this country for both pleasure and business and I can tell you first hand there are people in this world that wish to do you harm for the simple fact that you can live freely and move freely as you will.

There are a lot of people that take for granted the fact that we are able to do so much in this country without any forethought of what might happen if we do it. That includes religion, education, having food to eat, (even if it's a little) and having somewhere to rest your head at night. While I've never had the pleasure of actually having to constantly be on the front line, I know plenty of guys who have and some didn't make it back home from it. There was literally one guy who went from our individual training and straight to Afghanistan, worked a job that he didn't really have formal training for and was subsequently shot 13 months into his deployment.

That's the harsh reality for a lot of guys that go in and do things that they sign up for. Regardless of their intentions and what they're there fighting for, the mere fact that they had the balls to do it speaks volumes about it. If it sounds like I'm kind of annoyed, it's because I am. There are too many times where veterans aren't given their proper dues and there are too many veterans taking advantage of the system. There's one thing that we do as fellow veterans and that's police each other and make sure that we keep those who want to get out of line in check. But for the most part there are guys who have done things and seen things that most couldn't even comprehend, those are the guys that I'm talking about here.

Either way, veterans day is one of those days like Father's Day or Mother's Day that should be treated in the same regards. Even if you just see a veteran who is just shopping for some toothpaste at Target, take the time to say thank you to them. Most will tell you how they don't like that kind of thing, but we all do. It's just like if you were in a relationship where you did all of the work and the other person finally said thank you or I love you. You would feel about a million times better and appreciated, basically that's the same thing when you tell a veteran thanks. 

I know I'm especially grateful for my fellow veterans that do all of the things that most won't or can't do because they don't know how to or they are too scared to. This day is also for all of those veterans that didn't make it back home. I know we have memorial day and all but I can't help but think about those guys as well. Especially the ones that came home but are still over there, you guys are definitely always in my prayers.

Happy Veterans Day ladies and gents, you definitely earned this cold one.

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