Top 10 Black Superheroes

I want to first thank the good folks over at World of Black Superheroes for coming up with the awesome list of the Top 30 Black Superheroes which gave me this idea of creating this ranking. I never really notice how much I like black superheroes over their counterparts so I  thank those guys and gals over there for making the archive and for offering a plethora of other things, so make sure you check them out and support.

I'll admit that I haven't checked out Miles Morales, I've heard only wonderful things to the point that they wanted him to be the version of Spider-Man in the upcoming Civil War Movie. Also I've heard a lot of good things about President Superman and the New 52 story line. If anything I'll check that out for the sole purpose of seeing Nubia because she just looks like a pure bad ass. So those are three story arch's that I heard are pretty awesome if you were looking for something to get into that isn't mainstream.

Also I want to give a shout out to live action black superheroes Zach The Black Ranger, Aisha The Yellow Ranger of Power Rangers lore. Those were the first two black live action superheroes I saw on television when I was a kid. Then I got a chance to see

Meteor Man, Blankman, Hancock and Falcon later down the line in movies. We haven't had a lot of black superheroes in the mainstream media but when we do, they make noise. So those are the ones that I didn't rank on this list.

Let's get into the ones that I did rank shall we?

10Luke Cage

I start with a guy that I recently just got into within the last few years. If you don't know who Luke Cage is basically he's the guy who went to prison, who had experiments ran that left him with superhuman strength and skin that can take being shot and some explosions. He basically runs around hell's kitchen being a super hero and what not. I'm not really going to speak too much on him right now because I don't have the whole picture of who he is as a superhero and his moral crisis' just yet, but I know I'm looking forward to his self titled Netflix series, who seems to be doing the comic books justice. But for now he makes my list right over Falcon and that's just for now until I see what he does in his upcoming movie, but I feel that Luke is going to hold on to his spot.

9. Cyborg

It was kind of hard putting him this low because he has so much potential to be one of the strongest superheroes period. It's just that to me he is made to be soft to a degree and that really irks my nerves. It's like he doesn't really know what power he has within him and that he second guesses himself a lot. If he had the proper motivation or story arch that pushes him right over the edge and just go crazy, kind of like how Goku did, I think that he'll surprise a lot of people. But until then his place on this list is solidified and he won't budge unless the aforementioned situation happens or another superhero proves to be better.

8. Steel

Let's be clear about this, I'm not referring to the awful 1997 film adaptation here.

Steel is actually one of the superheroes who would benefit from the advancements in special effects that has come within the last five or so years. I'm not going to knock Shaq and his version, they did the best that they could and it's not even one of the worse comic book movies ever. John Henry Steel has one of the cooler, down to earth story arch's that actually makes sense and would appeal to today's audience. He's known, but not really, so people would find intrigue in his character. This wouldn't work on a television show level for the simple fact that he would need optimal, big budget CGI works to make his character really come alive. Personally I would wait until the second Justice League movie or possibly the third one to have him come out and fight with them. He's definitely one of the stronger and more moral superheroes in all of the comics and I would love to see him do something.

Oh yea, anyone else peep his cameo in Throne of Atlantis?

7. Bishop

Anytime this guy showed up, it was bound to go down.

I haven't really checked up on Bishop lately but from what I remember of him, he basically kicked ass and took names. I mean he basically traveled through time, shooting beams out of things and fixing other people's mistakes. I was disappointed just like everyone else was with his character in DOFP. I was really hoping that he was going to have a bigger spot in that movie and more of a talking role, but he was reduced to just another side character with a crappy costume. I was hoping that he was going to be in the sequel somehow, but to no avail. Hopefully they'll get him in there somehow, someday into the apparent new universe they are trying to create.

Cable movie anyone?


Also another character I'm just getting into the last couple of years, Black Panther.

I started looking into him after the first Captain America film when I remember who made his shield. Of course I added him to the list of characters that needed to be included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and they finally got around to it in 2015. He was primed to be in the center of the conflict before Spider Man was announced to be featured in the movie. Whether or not plans are to be changed in regards to that remains to be seen. The only thing that I know is that I can't wait for him to come in and totally own Ironman and Captain America. If you don't know who he is or what he's about, I'm not going to spoil it for you because I think the Civil War will do a great job of introducing him.

Just know that he's considered the equal to Batman, the guy who has a plan to be every member of the Justice League, keep that in the back of your mind.

5. Blade

This really should be a no brainier here.

Wesley Snipes is the sole reason that we are even having this discussion right now. He did a kick ass job of being blade before the superhero movie boom. Matter of fact, I think Wesley Snipes is the only superhero that was questioned not if but when he was coming back to the big screen and I totally agree. With the recent influx of mystical realm superheroes making their way to the big screen in the coming years don't be surprised if you hear an announcement about his eventual return. Blade can actually serve as a bridge between the Netflix shows and the actual movies seeing he has ties with multiple superheroes.

Even if we don't get to see him tangle it up with other superheroes I would be just glad for one more movie; maybe even two if they are done right. Wesley is still in shape to play Blade and I think that the movie would do just fine in the theaters.

The ball is in your court Marvel.

4. Storm

I actually almost put her at number two, but then I realized how weak they made her to look in the movies.

If they actually did Storm right, she would easily rival Jean Grey for strongest in the universe, and I stand by that statement seeing as how she's listed as a possible Omega level mutant (strongest in the universe). I would have loved to see them actually demonstrate just how powerful she is in during the course of the X-Men series. If they were actually going by how strong she is suppose to be then she technically should have had more power during DOFP, but alas, she didn't. If Fox wasn't being such a douche bag about property rights and got on the Disney money train then her inclusion in the upcoming Black Panther movie would be awesome. Personally I would love to see her just make a beam of lighting come down and super charge Thor and he throws it at Galactus during an epic battle scene for Avengers.

*Sighs*, a guy can wish right?

Yes I really put War Machine this high on the list; hey it's my list lol.

War Machine was actually one of the first superheroes that I wanted to be when I was a kid. I read the comics and was immediately enthralled with him and not Tony. He was the heavy hitting, morally conscious kind of superhero. You know, Ironman's complete opposite. Don Cheadle plays a great War Machine with the exception that I would like to see him kick more ass during the movies like he did in his first appearance. Hopefully in Civil War the will let him do that more than what he did in Age of Ultron, which I still don't understand why he wasn't in that last epic fight scene with the rest of them if two random mutant twins can join in.

But whatever, I don't run anything.

2. Spawn

There is no other comic book character like him, period.

Spawn is just something that needs to be seen and felt. He is basically unstoppable when inclined. I mean come on, how many other guys get to be former marine, turned assassin, turned super powered hell spawn, turned angel, turn ruler of hell. I mean come on, that's just some bad ass stuff right there, no other superhero can compete with that. His story arch is just plain crazy and if you're looking for something more grittier and hard hitting, then this movie is for you. And once you get into his character and see how off the chain he is wait until you get a load of the Clown, now that is a super villain for you.

I think this is the only comic book that has a animated series and movie fans loved and still love til this day. I know that they are working on a reboot and I for one am ready for this.

Now in terms of sheer power and abilities, no one is topping Spawn, like ever. John Stewart is my personal choice for the top spot.

I like Hal Jordan for his comedic relief, but he's clearly not that best Green Lantern. Matter of fact people actually wanted the John Stewart version over the Hal Jordan version for the Justice League movie coming. John is better than Hal for the simple fact that he knows how to will the ring through is his sheer will to survive and save others. Architect and former Marine, Stewart is not only mentally tough, he's a smarter man than Hal who seems to be more of a reactionary type of guy. Time and time again John Stewart has demonstrated his mastery of the ring by willing it to great things. I've read multiple comics where I wonder why they keep going with Hal in the mainstream rather than John. Even the causaul fan knows about John, which says a lot about his character.

Supposedly they're including him in the upcoming Green Lantern reboot and if that's the case then I wouldn't count out his inclusion in the second Justice League movie. Either way I hope he gets the screen time he deserves because he is one of the greatest superheros ever to live.

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, my personal list of top black superheroes. I know that there are others and the list could've been ordered a different way based on your opinions. That's why I hope you take full advantage of my comments section and explain to me your choices. I want to thank World of Black Superheroes again for their time and effort in compiling the list of black superheroes and villains. I also implore you to check out there comic book reviews, cosplay outfits and a bunch of other stuff they have there. Follow them on twitter here: @BlackHeroesWrld.

Until next time guys. 

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