#DevDay, Vol. 2

Another successful Dev Day in the books ladies and gentlemen.

What is Dev Day you ask?

Well Dev Day is the day I decided to come up with in 2014 while looking for a title for my birthday blog. As some of you might know my birthday is a little different in the sense that it also falls on Veterans Day as well, and well you guessed it, I'm a veteran. So usually I spend the day going around and getting a whole bunch of free food that I can stomach to eat. How Dev Day is setup is first I sign up months in advance for loyalty programs and get their special birthday offers for free meals. This includes restaurants like Chic-Fil-A, Moe's, Hooters, Buffalo Wild Wings, Dunkin Doughnuts, Krispy Kreme, places like that. Then I simply research all of the great Veterans Day deals and then I enjoy myself going to each place.

Now I'm not greedy by any circumstance and I don't go out and eat all of that food on my own, I actually bring along my home boy Melzee and he reaps the benefits that is Dev Day. We started doing it last year and it's sort of becoming a tradition now. I don't know if I'm going to be able to do it next year seeing as how it's my 30th birthday and I'm more than likely going to be in another country somewhere. But for the most part we both get a ton of food to eat, more than one person and sometimes two people to eat by themselves. But we make it happen and return home with leftovers and we're happy for the day with life being all good.

This year I didn't really get out there and do too much seeing as how I fell asleep from being at work and got a late start to the day. We went to PDQ, Menchies, Jersey Mikes, Starbucks, Honey Baked Ham, Which Wich, Moe's and finally Ben & Jerry's. I actually got a little on the tired side so I didn't feel like doing the crowds at some of the other places. I was quite happy with the turn out of my haul and I'm just glad that I got my Starbucks drink in a timely manner. Basically the food aspect was smooth and as perfect as it was going to be for the day.

I just want to take the time to thank every single person that took the time out of their day to wish me a happy birthday. I know I talk my trash about not really being a birthday kind of person, but I'm trying to do better with that. I realize that there are people in this world that would die to even get half of the love that receive on my birthday, so I can't take that for granted. I can't for granted for the fact that I made it to another year of living when so many people, more importantly people of my race, haven't been able to make it to this age. I'm especially thankful for the Lord for keeping me in his good graces on that aspect.

The life experiences that came along with being 28 was pretty awesome. I got back to a lot of the old things that made me great while doing a lot of new things that worked well with the old things. I learned a lot about people over the course of the year and how they will fail you and also my own faults as a person that I can improve on. I made a couple of goals last November that I wanted to take effect in January of this year but decided to jump start it in December of last year and they are all mostly completed.

More on that next month.

But I look forward to being 29, I set some goals that seemed big at the time and I'm setting some even bigger ones that I'm looking forward to for 2016 on my way to 30. So if you've been here for the past year and seen the growth not only in the blog but also in me, I thank you. If you're new or just passing by then I thank you for taking the time to stop by and read a little, (or in my case a lot lol), and I hope that you stick around for awhile and catch some of the things that I talk about here on Cold Knowledge; I promise you won't be disappointed.

Until next time guys.

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